Call for Contributions

We are excited to invite you to submit proposals for contributed talks and posters for ML in PL Conference 2021 that will be organized 5-7 November 2021 fully online.

We believe that anyone can make a valuable contribution to the field of machine learning and in our eyes, an important contribution is not necessarily the most novel research. Therefore we wish to bring together a broad array of researchers, specialists, practitioners, educators, students, and others of diverse backgrounds, locations, and genders to present their works at the conference.

We aim at providing a forum for discussing recent advances from the possible broadest range of topics and perspectives, we especially encourage (but not limit) submissions related to the following topics of interest:

General Machine Learning

Active Learning, Classification, Clustering, Learning Theory, Online Learning, Ranking, Regression, Semi-supervised and Unsupervised learning, Optimization, Sparsity, etc.

Reinforcement Learning

Bandits, Decision and Control, Exploration, Hierarchical RL, Markov Decision Processes, Multi-Agent RL, Navigation, Planning, etc.

Applications of Machine Learning

Audio and Speech Processing, Computational Biology, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Neuroscience, Physics, Social Good, etc.

Probabilistic Methods

Bayesian methods, Causal Inference, Gaussian Processes, Graphical Models, etc.

Deep Learning

Architectures, Generative Models, Optimization for Deep Networks, Recurrent Networks, etc.

Explainable Machine Learning

Explainability, Causality, Biased Data, Fairness, Robustness, etc.

Social Aspects of Machine Learning

AI/ML Ethics, AI/ML Safety, Causality, eXplainable AI, Responsible AI/ML, Biased Data, Fairness, Privacy, Robustness, and Safety, etc.

Technical Solutions and Machine Learning Resources

Architectures, Competitions, Data Sets, and Repositories, Distributed Machine Learning, Implementations, Software Toolkits, etc.

Machine Learning Stories

Interesting and insightful competitions, projects and start-up stories!

Accepted talks

The list of accepted talks and posters is published in the Accepted talks and posters tab.


You can contact us at in case you have any questions regarding Call for Contributions.